A brave New World

I am astounded at the sheer numbers of BRAVE individuals I have come across today: those heart-centred souls who have chosen to put their X in the box marked GREEN,


I know that the GREEN PARTY have little chance of becoming the next government – but that is not the point. Democracy does not mean always winning – always picking the right team or always getting what you want, democracy is something much more human, more fallible and more variable; and it begins with What You Want.

What are you willing to work for; to fight for; to defend and to honour?

AS a GREEN candidate for my local council I am willing to defend the rights of families to have a good life, to live in quality homes, to be healthy and have access to quality public services.

I will defend the rights of my council to build the new homes we so dearly need, yes, even if that does mean losing a little green space – it’s all about the balance.

Personally I would love to see a great expansion of ‘Green Homes’, utilising Passivehaus Technology, incorporating Subterranean homes and recycled materials such as Portacabins and Shipping Containers:

Cumbria-straw-bale-house shipping container

I would like to see us begin the change ‘the way it is’ and create more ‘small communities’ to offer support and inclusion to everyone – especially young families,and single mothers who are doing an incredible job of raising children alone – when everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child and creating natural villages rather than isolating young parents or housing them in ghetto’s would offer more stability, more support and a wider range of life experiences to those children as they grow.

To design, build and live in healthy   communities, featuring eco friendly technologies, and with education at every turn, we would see a brighter, healthier and happier Britain.

For my own town I would like to see our university to support  more eco design and see more new businesses being created to offer eco-solutions – then our local councils being able to source tradespeople and suppliers locally to offer our residents a really GREEN housing offering; designed, sourced and built locally, using local resources and offering work to local families.

This would be part of my 30 year Infrastructure Project to see Britain rebuilt, reinstated and renewed as a world leader in technology, methodology and community. I have been told this is impossible but I say : Give us a chance and let us show you what can be achieved, if EVERYBODY works together, without fear, without judgement and according to their own personal strengths.

Parents everywhere, tell your children, that they can be BRILLIANT at whatever they choose – they do not have to be anything like anyone else, only be themselves, and be all that they can be: whether that is a builder, a teacher, a communicator, a story teller, a details person or a blue-sky-thinker, there is room for everyone in my future, and we need you all to join in.

Fancy a punt on the New Great Britain?

Stick your comments below and let me know what you think!



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