And now what…?

The General Election 2015 is over and we are left to pick up the pieces. For some of us that election was a personal crusade, involving first time attempts at election both Generally and Locally. As a GREEN PARTY member (I hate the word ‘Party’ – it sounds so 1984 to me) I was nominated […]

Magical manifesto

Here’s an idea.  What if I recharged my Forever Living business and really committed to making it happen whilst becoming a walk shop leader for the Natural Mindfulness movement here in The Cotswolds. Both ‘jobs’ ate Coaching Based’; I get to meet people,  promote both businesses online,  get constantly inspired by the new people I […]

A brave New World

I am astounded at the sheer numbers of BRAVE individuals I have come across today: those heart-centred souls who have chosen to put their X in the box marked GREEN, I know that the GREEN PARTY have little chance of becoming the next government – but that is not the point. Democracy does not mean […]