Mediocre Failures

YES! This! Whoop Whoop!

At last somwone has had the balls and the sense to say what a lot of us have been thinking for so long.

As an ex-parent governor i have long asked for skills based learning to be introduced, the opportunity for ALL children to discover what they are good at and be suppported in being GREAT at what they enjoy and find stimulating, be that ART, MUSIC, GARDENING, SPORT, COOKING, or simply reading  and writing.

This article is heartfelt, and tackles the subject I now find myself exploring: MOTHERING.

Apparently these little ones had such a poor start in life at the hands of their own mothers that they were taken into care and adopted – thankfully  – by a loving and committed family who are now raiding these girls with love and acceptance.

Now I am not bashing those bad mothers – god knows they must have had reasons for neglecting their babies – but I know too that unless we put MOTHERING at the top of our agenda, and support All Mothers, with mental health, training, educations and support – we will see this pattern of neglect and low attainment continue.

And see successive Right Wing Governments (red or blue) naming these poor kids as failures …how long before our children are subjected to third world horrors of street sleeping, trawling waste land for food and objects to sell and worse?

Please – read this article and consider, as you think about your vote on 7th May, exactly what kind of future YOU are creating when you place your cross in the box.

Thank you

Mediocre Failures.


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