How to Make the Coming Election Work for YOU!

The coming General Election may just be the most important democratic event of your lifetime. Yes, It is  that serious. For what is possibly the first time ever, we are guaranteed not to return a majority in favour of the Left or the Right. We anticipate the neither David Cameron nor That Milliband bloke – which […]

Time to Talk…again

Mind response to Media headlines about the Greenwings Crash The horrifying events of this last week have left the whole of Europe reeling, but those affected by , or involved in Mental Health Issues are once again finding themselves under attack. I want to take a look – not at the Germanwings case, which is […]

The Perils of Parenting.

I am at that place as a parent. The one where I need to learn to let go all over again. My son is 17 in one week and is having a few personal issues in his life; school work, future plans, girlfriend, the usual. But as a mum I have always prided myself on maintaining […]