What are we preparing our children for?

As we educate the life out of our kids, as we numb their natural curiosity and force feed them junk knowledge, do we, as parents, ever stop to ask ourselves ‘What are we educating them for?’
What is the future we are so desperate to prepare them for? The reason for all the pressure, the competition, the shaming, labelling, punishing and thwarting. Why do we feel the need to ‘hot house’ our infants and speed up the learning process? Why can’t we just leave well alone, establish some deeply held values and morals and offer guidance as to how best they can reach their own potential. Be that as Artists or Architects, Lawyers or Long Distance Runners, Bankers or Banksy! Whatever they end up doing, will be fine – If we provide a loving and stable childhood from which they can grow.
Focus on nourishing the soil, and stop worrying about what colour their flowers may be!

What does the future hold? What are we to expect and therefore adequately prepare our children for? In an an age of seemingly endless ‘choices’ yet very few ‘options’ it seems that there is only a future offered to high achievers, academic successes and money makers. But as we all know only too well, the true quality of life lies not in our money makers but our home makers, not with bankers but teachers and artists, the true joys come not from our bank account but the family we have around us, our friends and our adventures.

More and more we are being told to ‘do it all’ and ‘have it all’ whilst constantly feeling the strong arm of a punitive controlling class, hell bent on taking every last ounce that we have to give, with nothing left to show for it.

We have few industries for hard working, honest men to commit to, we have lost our national identity – yet continue to wave the flag of Britishness across the media in relation to ‘Terrorists’ and the fearful foreigner.

Our girls, what are they to expect from the future? A constant pressure to look beautiful, be highly educated, independently successful and financially savvy, yet still know how to nurture, to care and to become ‘Worlds Best Mum’!

Times are changing and we are part of the change. Are we expected to sit by and accept what the media deems right and proper, what government decide to instil and the financial markets deem worthy, or are we to CREATE A FUTURE OF OUR OWN?

I suggest that we start by having meaningful conversations about the things that actually affect us all, every day. And that rather than get distracted by Katie Price’s Boobs, Angelina Jolie’s sexuality or the latest fashion ‘Must Have’s’ that we instead get interested and, more importantly, involved with creating he future we are offering to our children.

Too often have we heard that lament that ‘I’m just one person, what difference can I make?’ Well, I say this: When one joins with another they become two. When two join another they become three. A gathering of minds, of hearts and of shared visions is highly powerful. Your voice is vital. The world can only give you what you want and need if it knows what that is. And you can guarantee that you are not alone in your desires. In your fears for the future, and your hopes for your children. Your worries over money or your concerns for extended family. Depending where you are in the world you may be fearing war, attack, lack of water or sanitation. I realise that no matter where we find ourselves, we all have needs and we all want to be part of the change.

I am creating a project in my head that is first and foremost a personal project. And I once wanted to go to University to take ‘Study of Religions’ and ‘Creative English’ I asked myself why? What did I want the degree for? What was I planning to do?

The short answer, feeling dream-like and idealistic, but still telling me a lot about my lost dreams is simply this; I imagined working for a magazine like Marie Claire, travelling around the world, visiting different communities and discovering what makes them tick. And what part religion or faith played in the fundamental building blocks of their communities.

These days I am not so focussed on the historic and religious angle, but, I realise, that I am still highly interested in peoples lives and in asking – and answering some of life’s BIG questions: What Energy will we use in the future? How do we sustain our planet and its water? How will international politics change the way our world works?

I want to create a space where I can explore these ideas, and write my own articles. So, a blog! But also I want to meet peoplke and get their story, their struggles, their successes and what really matters to real people. Not just the media types. Not just the beautiful people, but the real, down to earth, regular income, low income, no income members of our society.

What do homeless people want in their future (My guess – A stress free existence that they can manage). What about those who are differently-abled? Its 2015 (at time of writing) and still we have places inaccessible to wheelchair users, we still are not fully integrating all peoples into all facets of society.

Women are massively under represented in industry, commerce and government – the world over. And the mistreatment of women is ongoing and showing no signs of stopping – unless we stand up and speak out, at every opportunity.

I will post as much as i can here as i cam creating the new site, but hope that readers will join in  the conversation and support my efforts to get a Real Conversation going about the things that matter to us!


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