Introducing the Radical Honesty Manifesto. Want to Join my Tribe?

Margaret Atwood quote writingAs someone who lives with depression and uses medication daily to manage my condition I often find myself tripping up and not taking care of myself.

Scheduling appointments; calling my doctor to make an appointment in advance of needing a new prescription, but not so far ahead that the computer system cannot book me it – is a minefield of immaculate timing and commitment.

There! Did you catch that? I just said ‘The ‘C’ Word! (Awaits bolt of lightening from the gods!)

It is a rarely considered truth that commitment-phobe’s are not just shy of staying in long term relationships, but that they can find it hard to stick in a job for the long term and some really struggle to make appointments, to book events into the diary, remember to check the diary and actually follow through on those bookings?

Those of us living and working with mental health issues can find such things enormously challenging and undermining to our productive professional lives. It is a real kicker to realise that although you can organise events, present a workshop or take to the stage in front of hundreds that you can’t cope with the minutiae  of every day life and basic health maintenance. It makes us feel dull, stupid and worthless. Not a great way to start your day!

Now, in reality, I know I am great at what I do. I know that I am First Class in offering support and guidance to others. But, and its a HUGE but, I am absolutely rubbish at taking care of myself.


I offer this in the spirit of my new found mantra RADICAL HONESTY.


Because I am being called more and more to declare my intentions, design my offerings, set programmes and schedules up and I am finding it ridiculously difficult.

So what to do? Should I ignore my struggles? Attempt to hide these ‘Weaknesses’ from potential clients? It certainly feels that way when you read other coaches glossy manifesto’s and glamorous posts.

But I honestly believe that I would be doing myself, and my clients an immense disservice if I were to go down that route. I would, in fact, be lying to them.

So I am introducing a policy of Radical Honesty! And I am inviting you to join me.

BIG Q: How would it feel if instead of simply sharing those ‘Go To’ posts about being super charged, and positive and pumped and goal focussed, you actually shared the truth?
  • That you Love what you do – but you aren’t making money yet.
  • That you are struggling with your weight/self esteem/finances but still want to be there for your Tribe.
  • That you made the most enormous Cock Up Ever in Human History and feel like a Total Tool

Seriously, could you do it?

And what do you think would happen if you did? Will the world actually fall down around your head? Will all those ‘potential clients’ that you have been ‘networking’ really turn their back on you? Or maybe, just maybe, the public you so want to impress will simply sigh an immense sigh of relief and open the top button of their jeans, breathe out and say ‘Thank fuck for that! At last, a real person, just like me’

This January I offer you this challenge and I pledge to take it myself. To post and share with Radical Honesty and shine my light in authenticity.

I may be slow, I may be easily distracted and I may be frustratingly flaky at times (Sorry Sara) but I am me! And I am all the good stuff too!

My heart is huge, my love for you endless, my empathy so deep and so wide it is sometimes beyond comprehension. My emotions are raw and beautiful and my intentions so full of all that is best for you.

So this is me, in Radical Honesty asking you to join me and drop the façade, Bin BS and Cut the Crap. Because, my Tribe, we are worth So Much More. And it begins here!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the Radical Honesty Manifesto. Want to Join my Tribe?

  1. I love this post. It’s real and I kind of was drawn by the mental health tag. Isn’t it funny that most conventional business ‘success’ wisdom still subscribes to the idea of behaving like a ‘professional’ which usually reads ‘put on a facade and get down to business’? Sometimes I wonder if highly sensitive people like myself are even cut out for this real world style of business. But then, I see someone like Leonie Dawson and she’s totally who she is and she’s enormously successful. I also think she probably has brought on a lot of help.

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