Diet Lolly horror!

Its Sucking Crazy!
Its Sucking Crazy!

Gracia Magazine informed us this week that ‘The A List’ are now turning to a ‘New Weight Loss Lolly’ to stave off hunger and keep trim!

The article repeatedly reminds us that in order to stay skinny, ‘The Stars’ have turned to ‘appetite suppressing lollies’ to stave off hunger.

Surely Hunger is the body’s way of telling you it requires nourishment? It feels lacking in energy, vitamins, protein or nutrients; that it can not function well?

Granted, the article cites nutritionist Amanda Ursell who rejects the lolly-fad out of hand, remarking ‘I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole’.but I am concerned that we are still are equating ‘Hunger’ with ‘Weakness that makes us FAT.’

Girls! It is perfectly normal to get hungry. Your body talks to you all the time and hunger is the way your body asks you to nourish it, take care of it and love it a little.

The key is to feed it what it wants rather than what you want. (Top Tip: Your body doesn’t EVER want sugar, but you do, because its addictive!)

486500_498128130224093_596214332_nIf you are hungry and you give your body nourishing veggies, drink a green juice, eat some high quality protein or indulge in some yummy fruits and seeds, you are treating your body like a temple and will not get hungry or starve yourself. SO no need for quirky supplements or ‘A List fads’.

Fill your face with nourishment, get moving as much as possible – sitting down is worse than donuts – fact! And embrace life! Stop worrying about the size of your jeans and enjoy the strength in your legs. Stop panicking about podge on your mummy tummy and relish the awesomeness that is your body and its ability to make new bodies!

135312177Women are magical and powerful and worth so much more than a headline or a photo-shoot! So say ‘NO’ to the diets; ‘NO’ to the Hoodia; ‘NO’ to the Slim Fast, the Weight Watchers or the Slimming World and start saying ‘YES’ to living a real life, to moving and talking (a lot), to eating and drinking (just not over doing it) and to loving who we truly are!

I, for one, am no longer willing to sit back and accept this brain washing of women via the media, so I shall keep reading my trashy magazines (the ones I pick up in the doctors waiting room, or flick through in the supermarket) and I shall keep noticing the subtle ways in which we are being made to feel bad about our bodies and I shall endeavour to speak out at every opportunity. Because I am a Woman. And that is nothing to be ashamed of!


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