The Rise of the Super Hero in the land of NT’s.

As an Intuitive Empath I am driven to serve: no point fighting it, it’s just who I am.

So does that mean I can’t make any money?

Hell No!

In fact it means that I am in the PERFECT place to begin creating ABUNDANCE doing what I love. (Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy, I’m sick of hearing it too) but the ‘Real Me’ has always believed in working to our strengths and not simply being a performing seal in someone else’s circus.

My main challenge has been discovering what I was supposed to do. So what made it so tricky for me? After all I’m so flipping psychic for everyone else, why couldn’t I see what was right in front of my very eyes?
The answer is simply that The Truth sat just behind my eyes, so I had no way of EVER noticing it!

Have you ever felt that way?

It’s like living with the exact answer to a question ‘On the tip of your tongue’ but not quite finding it,  constantly.

After spending time with my best mate, who recently realised she had Asperger’s Syndrome, I have come to see that being An Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is also a kind of ‘Special Need’ in that it means we relate differently to the world than Neuro-Typical (NT) folks.

And I firmly believe that there is NO SUCH THING AS DISABILITY, only variances of individuals.

And all the things that can be classed as a ‘disability’ or a ‘special need’ are, in fact,


The very thing that makes us different means that we can focus on it more closely, be more understanding of it in others, we can offer the world of the NT a window into another world view and very often be brilliant at certain tasks that NT’s find dull, boring, too hard, etc.

(Think about that for a moment: if an individual struggles with complex, varied tasks, they are not useless, but rather, BRILLIANT at doing repetitive tasks that another person would find mind numbing – because they like variety. Geddit?) 

If we could simply change the way we value people in our society – for the gifts they uniquely share rather than their ability to add to the GDP of the country, then we would see how incredibly valuable our ‘Super’s’ really are.

So back to my making a living from my Super Power, what exactly can I do for you?

  • I can listen – and hear what you do not tell me
  • I can watch – and see what you do not show
  • I can touch you and offer healing through my hands
  • I can talk to you and offer a New Vision of where you are though my use of Metaphor and Visualisations.
  • I can look at your art work and offer intuitive insight into your process and what your Soul is trying to say.

I hold all of these wonderful gifts within me, and have shared them feely throughout my life; honing my skills, you might say, doing my apprenticeship. And now, I am ready to offer my services to the world with the value they truly deserve, offering more people the opportunity to learn and grow and heal, through working with me, because I KNOW my work is powerful and creates great change in people, and I also know that if you don’t invest in yourself by COMMITTING to working on yourself, and INVESTING time and ‘energy exchange’ (money) then you will NOT reap the great rewards available to you. You just won’t.

There is an alchemical magic that means that no matter how much ‘Free Stuff’ you get, or how many books you buy and read, unless you commit to your healing journey and dig deep with heart and soul, you will only ever uncover ‘Fools Gold’ rather than uncovering the Diamonds in the Dust™ that are waiting for you.

I can lead you to your personal Gold Mine and offer you The Key™ to uncovering your Diamonds in the Dust.™

I am currently putting together a range of programmes to offer to my clients ranging from a simple Intuitive Annual Forecast Reading‘ right through to the Complete support package of

  • Intuitive Forecast Reading,
  • Monthly check in,
  • Personal Creative challenges,
  • Healing calls
  • and 121 Q&A sessions backed up with ongoing FB group and direct email support.

Phew! What a package!

I’m so excited that I can’t tell you! As well as offering Life Coaching as The Communication Coach I am now opening up my offerings to do what my heart sings for, offer Intuitive Empathic Healing and Guidance to Souls in Need under my Hidden Pathways Banner. And what could be better than that?

For me, absolutely nothing!



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