Healing the Heart and the Soul

Communication comes in many forms. And recently I have been called back toward the ancient healing traditions that I once worked with. The Intuitive healing techniques I have practised since childhood, but which I left sitting on a dusty shelf as I forged a ‘proper’ career as a Coach and Trainer.

I abandoned my heart. I abandoned my soul.

For what?

For the sake of my EGO, which just could not accept that there was any way I could possibly make people understand what I did, how I worked and therefore would FAIL to make my way on that pathway.

I was wrong.

I have to apologise to my heart and soul. I am sorry, I forgot you, I abandoned you and left you behind. I am so sorry, please forgive me.

And of course, they do, because I do, because I understand that it was fear and best intentions which led me astray, and that the journey away has simply brought me full circle back to where I started; just a little further up the mountain than before.

A long believer in Natural Magic, I recently observed the incredible syncronicity of the universal voice, as it shouted to me ‘HEALING – That’s what’s missing!’

I have been massaging my OH as he suffers from chronic pain, and we have worked on visualisation and healing modalities together – my kids are asking for massages more and more and I am aware of the pull toward using my healing more and more.
I had REIKI thrust toward me from many places, put the call out to Reiki teachers and was reconnected to an old friend I have not seen for ages – but miss terribly, and the correlation was perfect.

Then, I was invited to a Bonfire Evening at a friends, but felt I could not attend due to my dog being highly nervous with fireworks outside. WE popped in to day Hello /Goodbye early on in the evening and I fell into conversation with a lady I had met only once before.

She has issues with her mobility and I am aware of her health problems; we talked a little and I was drawn to ask about the history of the complaints – and without revealing personal information we quickly realised that there were ‘Root Issues’ within her history that were being declared through her body and her pain.
Every question I asked, every observation I made took me right to the heart of her psychological and physical pain issues. Luckily she is aware of energy work and was a willing participant – making my work much easier – and we quickly exchanged numbers. The call to heal and the call to help being loud and obvious to us both.

I told her of my wish to return to my healing work and we decided that a mutually beneficial project could ensue, the universe had worked its magic yet again.

(A little aside – as she put my details into her phone she called me Vicky. I said ‘No, I’m Robbi – short for Roberta. She looked at me, stunned. Then she revealed ‘I had a palm reading last week and the woman told me I would meet up with someone called Rob or Roberta who would be meaningful in my life! It was a Gold Star Moment and the clarity that we both needed to know that something amazing was about to happen.

In response, I am aware of my own self care and the need to ‘clean up my act,’ so to speak, because I know that I cannot do my best work in the Light if I am not giving myself the Very Best Self Care possible.

All this, at a time when I have been wondering how the heck to take better care of myself as I have been out of whack and stressed recently. Oh the joy of Flow. It truly is miraculous. And I am grateful. For all the blessings I am receiving.

A new year, a full moon illuminating MY pathway forward and a rediscovery of my hearts desires.

Blessed Be )O(


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