Moods of Motherhood

Reading Lucy Pearce’s blog moods of motherhood I see that she is sharing blogs from mothers around the world about ┬áthe journey of motherhood and the roller coaster of experiences. I read a blog from Karina Ladet and was reminded of my own journey, and on this, the Birthing Day of my now 14 year […]

Diet Lolly horror!

Gracia Magazine informed us this week that ‘The A List’ are now turning to a ‘New Weight Loss Lolly’ to stave off hunger and keep trim! The article repeatedly reminds us that in order to stay skinny, ‘The Stars’ have turned to ‘appetite suppressing lollies’ to stave off hunger. Surely Hunger is the body’s way […]

The Rise of the Super Hero in the land of NT’s.

As an Intuitive Empath I am driven to serve: no point fighting it, it’s just who I am. So does that mean I can’t make any money? Hell No! In fact it means that I am in the PERFECT place to begin creating ABUNDANCE doing what I love. (Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy, I’m […]

Healing the Heart and the Soul

Communication comes in many forms. And recently I have been called back toward the ancient healing traditions that I once worked with. The Intuitive healing techniques I have practised since childhood, but which I left sitting on a dusty shelf as I forged a ‘proper’ career as a Coach and Trainer. I abandoned my heart. […]