Are You Building a Creative Biz?

Have you checked in with Leonie Dawson at yet? 

To start you off here is a lovely blog post about how she operates her day as Work At Home Mumpreneur

Leonie has developed her biz from simply selling her artwork in local craft markets to offering biz-building support to other creatives and has been creating like crazy for years.

Now she has brought all of her wonderful work together in one Biz and Life Academy where you can access all of her amazing work and connect with Goddesses across the globe who, just like you, are building creative businesses. You can access the academy here for a sneaky peak of what’s on offer.


I discovered Leonie way back when she was still a mermaid through the wonderful world of SARK                   


As a secret Hippie I fell in love with the wonderful art and writings of SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) as a young mum myself and to this day I have her ‘Succulent Wild Woman’ Fridge magnet adorning my fridge -obvs!

I felt it was high time that these sisters of the soul received a little name check here in the land of The Communication Coach, after all, this is my purpose, to communicate to you and get you all communicating with each other.

Networking, whether online or face to face is a major part of my job and I adore the connections I have made across the years who I now commune with via social media, and also the myriad of new friends I have made online, from across the world.

In another post I shall share some of my favourite people with you but really wanted to get Leonie and Sark recognised first, as they are so close to my heart.

I now find myself building my own creative business, doing what I do best, meeting people, talking to groups and individuals and supporting others with their communication issues. And I love it.

The best bit? I get to share ideas, writing, drawing, do workshops with groups utilising drama skills, vocal skills and presentation skills. I get to talk to kids about language and meaning, about respect and honour, and to encourage self empowerment through great use of language.

So where does Leonie come into all of this? Well, as a frustrated Artist I love watching how she manages to be a stay at home mum, a working creative artist AND run a million dollar company from home, all whilst living in the rain forest of Cairns, Australia. Her illustrations are whimsical, colourful, heart-ful and wonderful, and they make me smile. (As someone prone to depression, stuff that makes me smile is So Valuable to me)

Please check out the links and enjoy the offerings of Leonie and Sark and let me know what you think cos, you know, I love to give a name-check and get peeps together, and I just KNOW you will love these guys.


Love you all to the moon and back – and did you SEE the  moon last night? Too cool!


So long,

The Communication Coach




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