A Sunday Afternoon in the Cotswolds…it’s not what you think!


Sound idyllic, doesn’t it? Spending a balmy summers afternoon, nestled within the hills of the Cotswolds, surrounded by honey coloured stone cottages and gardens in full bloom.

Only my afternoon was spent thus:

Sit at computer, an aged laptop, as prone to over-heating as I am to over-eating, but its mine, and it works, so I am eternally grateful.

Listen to two Webinars stored in my files as I missed the original broadcasts; (lose 3 hours of my life only to feel deflated because I have not ‘signed up’ to the programme).

I am always aware of ‘Special Offers’ and ‘Need to Know Info’ and am prone to grabbing everything I can get my grubby little mitts on, which can often lead to…the dreaded OVERWHELM! Something which I am constantly being asked about in my coaching practice and which I manage to avoid in general, its just this area of Online Marketing . (the HELLO of 7 Words)

…Look at my In-Box.


Feel overwhelmed because I have subscribed to over thirty EXPERTS to get FREE GOODIES and still not committed to any programmes. (A bit too much HELLO here, I think!)

This is a massive learning curve and prompted me to write this for you. I know    I AM NOT ALONE in this problem. So what to do?

Delete hundreds (yes literally) of emails unread.
Now, I feel like I have just thrown away BOOKS! (Oh the horror!)                                                                                                           That some valuable unmissable nugget has just been trashed! (not a nice feeling)

The constant gathering, ignoring and deleting of information causes me great pain and brings me to a realisation (GOODBYE -in 7 Words)

I conclude that I cannot go on in multiple relationships with multiple teachers.
I then further accept that despite, these newsletters telling me what I DON’T know, that in fact, I know more than I realise and can get moving NOW!!! Without paying several hundreds of pounds to learn the ‘Insider Secrets’. That I must now take a leap and trust my own Inner Goddess to step up and then, if I wish to, I can enrol the support to take the NEXT steps. Happily knowing I am already earning the money to pay for the training.

I am not advocating that you shouldn’t invest in yourself, for I realise how vital Self Investment is, however we must be selective regarding where we make our investments, what we hope to gain and the goals we are seeking to accomplish, before we commit to giving yet another teacher more of our hard-earned.

As always, thanks for reading, there is such a lot in the pipeline but I really wanted to share this with you whilst it was fresh.

What do you think? Making Angelic Investments? Protecting Sacred Inboxes?



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