I think I am finally getting the message

and its about time! I have spent so many years wondering What I should DO? Searching for my thing and never finding it. When it appears it was here all the time! Right under my nose, or more literally, at the end of my fingertips! How many times have you heard that one? Do what you LOVE, they say. Follow your PASSION. But, like many of you, I had No Idea exactly what that passion looked like. Oh, I like plenty of stuff, some might say too much. I identify with Barbara Sher‘s ‘Scanner’, that creative soul who loves pretty much everything, who wants to be everything and do  everything, but only for while. A scanner does not delve too deeply into any project, only deep enough to feel fulfilled, then it’s onto something new…that’s me! So actually choosing a direction, and committing to it (ugh, The ‘C’ Word) is a major challenge and one which can crucify the fragile self esteem of the creative as they feel more and more that they are failures for not completing; for not sticking to anything for any decent length of time, that, sin of sins, they are easily bored! Recently I have been blessed to be supported with Coaching sessions from Jean Hamilton- Fford, whom I love dearly, after connecting via an FB group supporting our work with  the 2014 ‘Create Your Amazing Year’ Workbook by Leonie Dawson. Jean has patiently and lovingly supported me through coming to terms with my illness, acknowledging my own skills and talents and learning to love myself and stop beating myself up…at last. (My OH has been begging me to change this self-destructive habit for YEARS! He is soooo grateful to Jean) In our last session she very quietly and calmly informed me that apart form being Wonderful, Special and Lovable exactly as I am, that I am, in fact, a Word Smith and my unique gift for the world is in my words, simple as that. A bell rang out as she spoke those words. It chimed from my very core….echoing throughout my soul, filling my etheric body, my minds chasms and reaching out across my intuitive landscape, Clear and Pure. I am a Word Smith. A couple of days ago I was working with a business partner Mark Griffiths Life Coach, delivering a training session to clients of a boutique Recruitment Service based in the heart of the Cotswolds: ‘Flexible recruitment’; featuring professional women looking to return to the workplace, but seeking a more flexible work life which will allow them the freedom to still be the Great Mothers they are. I loved the concept and was chatting with Tracey Adams, director about her new business and I offered the observation that she was running a ‘Boutique Recruitment Service’ focussing on harnessing the high quality personal skills of Women Returners AND offering businesses the opportunity to gain experience without the cost and obligation of a full time employee. Tracey loved my use of words and the emotive way in which I could describe her business, wishing she had met me before she created her website. Again the concept of my being a Word-Smith leapt into my mind and I realised that simply because using creative and emotive language which engages the senses is so normal to me, I had completely failed to identify it as a skill! Durr! This, coupled with my almost addictive habit of ‘sharing’ on FB and ‘retweeting’ stuff that I love, made me see that my aptitude with words and my genuine desire to be a Cheerleader for other peoples businesses, made me the perfect PR representative. Although the very concept of PR had always sounded so far away and unreachable to me, it seemed to be not only knocking on my door, but positively hammering it down! My own writing has been flowing much more freely since I joined the dots and led me back here, to my blog, where I feel I can say almost anything, really  tell it as it is without censure of fear of judgement. Because, although you are reading this, and I want you to be a part of my process, I am not actually doing this for YOU. Now, for a State Registered People Pleaser (SRPP) this in an amazing development; A truly freeing experience that feeds my soul rather than sucking the life from it in search of acceptance and approval as has been my rather self annihilating habit in the past. So please, if you will, consider me a Writer-in-recovery, going through the healing process, rediscovering my energy and power and within that healing journey, exploring new vistas and creating new solutions to the obstacles of life. And, do you know what? I kind of like it.Image


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