The True Art of Story Telling and why You need a Word Smith on your Team.

I am a story teller. I can’t help it. Whatever I am doing, who ever I am with, I end up telling stories. Stories about my life, to help them understand me more; stories about experiences I have gone through, that will offer them guidance as they approach a similar experience and, as a spiritual […]

Are Dogs the Unsung Heroes of Community Engagement?

Originally posted on WfCAP Blog:
Just imagine, two strangers, passing on a street.  It’s highly unlikely they’ll stop and begin a conversation.   Of course, there are exceptions to this rule often related to time, day, location etc.  For instance: town centre, Wednesday lunchtime – very small chance.  Whereas canal towpath, Bank Holiday weekend – it…

The Top 5 things I’ve learnt in a year of chronic illness

Originally posted on Liveken – my chronic life journey:
I have so many posts I need to write and share with you over the next few weeks including book reviews, guidance for setting and achieving goals with a chronic illness, and requests for help and feedback on a couple of big projects I’m working on.…

Have YOU joined the Red Tent Revival Yet?

Ladies, it’s time we reclaim our feminine power and experience more pleasure along the way!! What do ya say? Check out the Red Tent Revival. Holy wow, this is EPIC!

I think I am finally getting the message

and its about time! I have spent so many years wondering What I should DO? Searching for my thing and never finding it. When it appears it was here all the time! Right under my nose, or more literally, at the end of my fingertips! How many times have you heard that one? Do what you LOVE, […]