The Freedom Game.

It’s a fact that we buy what we want, not what we need. Even when the purchase is, indeed necessary, we still seek the thrill of choosing, of being in control and of, in some small way, mastering our own destiny.

We are swayed into our choices by so many factors, style, substance, price, effort to name but a few. Little realising that we are, in fact, completely out of our own control, and most certainly within someone else’s. It is rare that we will EVER experience true freedom of choice within our lifetime, living as we do in such a tightly controlled arena.

From birth to death we are puppets in another man’s game. We are tended to, in a fashion, by our parents, who are woefully unequipped to actually have very much impact upon us at all, in real terms.

Sure, they are responsible for our core programming, and in human terms, this qualifies them to take credit (or blame) for our individual endeavours.

Hidden beneath the service, however, lurks a dark beast called Uncertainty. Regardless of how well or not the parent of any child raise him, he will, undoubtedly fail to live up to his full potential. He will in all likelihood, grow to be a soporific and dull witted as the majority of the human species: Plugged into a system, believing it to be real; accessing only a fraction of the information and wisdom available to him and considering most of what he discovers to be worthless.

Value instead, will be carefully crafted around the Digital Dollar. The unseen worth behind every transaction. He will strive to gain more and more, both of material possessions and the digital dollar.

He will be sold ideas of progression, aspiration and freedom of thought, when in fact he is slowly but surely dying as a slave to an invisible master.

Every thought, already planted by the digital world that surrounds him, the only language he understands is that which he experiences daily. Not then, the language of books and history, not the language of rich poetry, and ground breaking science, not of art and love and passion and nature, not of spirituality and global brotherhood, not of tolerance, peace and love.

No, his language is that of Branding, bright lights, neon colours and two second slogans.

‘Just Do It’,        ‘The way you like it’,      ‘Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin’.

His politics is created through headlines, sound bites and poorly disguised propaganda.
His morality dependant on fashion, and legality, of modernity and European intervention. For one thing he knows is, no matter what happens, he will ALWAYS have his Civil Rights.

He knows what he is told and no more, and yet is expected to hold strong opinions on life beyond his life. He is held to ransom by fuel companies and the Internet.
Never offline, he is permanently accessible, his GPS alerting anyone who wishes to look, exactly where he is at any given moment, who he’s with and what they said. If it wasn’t in a STATUS it was punched out in a tweet.
Sharing pictures, tagging friends, tweeting movements, checking in; his life is a Soap Opera for all to see, and fame is always just around the corner.
His new born sense of reality is supported on TV. Reality TV giving us all exactly what we want to see!? Creating superstars out of dimness, celebrity out of sex, magazines all geared up to create yet another, new BRAND to offer the masses. To take more of those Digital Dollars for themselves, the very same guys who crated it in the first place.

And somewhere, far away, in another dimension, there sits an Elite gathering of invisible men. Unnamed, unseen, unknown, and yet silently running our world.


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