Girl’s Work

ImageFirstly, excuse me as I am writing this on my phone, my laptop having gone the way of all aged electrical items. Dead!

I am fascinated at present by the concept of Feminine Work Plans; that is the effective planning of tasks within my ‘mum-biz’ which takes into account my feminine rhythms.

Some time ago I discussed this very topic with fellow blogger and biz-builder Ms Claire Dovey; how we should be able to work according to our flow of energy and respect the rise and falls of our limits.

It is a highly masculine concept to ‘work work work’ scheduling meetings and planning tasks according to external requirements only; not taking into consideration the needs and altitudes of the workers.

As the owner/ manager of a home based portfolio business, it is vital that My health and welfare are of prime concern, over and above profit and expansion.

As women, we need to work SMART, not work HARD. We need to care for ourselves as much as we care for others, to delight ourselves as much as our clients and prioritize our families and children’s needs over the mindless demands of faceless public opinion.

We don’t have to LOOK BUSY we simply need to be effective!

Please let me know your thoughts and let’s start the most vital dialogue of our working lives.

Blessings and big hugs



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