Its all coming together…New Term, New opportunities!

There seems to be synchronicity in the air. You have heard me talk of my many arms, my many goals and the difficulty of bringing all the different aspects of my offerings together. Well, now I may just have hit upon something which will help me to mesh all my skills and talents into one, profitable stream.

I recently met a wonderful lady who is a teacher and mother, who has embarked upon the owning and running of her own business. The team she is building is strong and powerful and I want to be part of it. And that is the key. This woman is inspiring, yet down to earth; challenging yet totally understanding and I see in her all my best qualities.

At last a match for my journey.

This business will enable me to encapsulate all of my offerings; coaching, training, teaching, supporting, educating, public speaking, sales and after-care, AND make money from day one.

For, as I am sure you are all aware, I DO have a tendency to give myself away, and am working on creating a solid value for my work. I say all of this in the spirit of honesty and transparency, and am just looking to create the seed capital needed to be able to take this opportunity forward.

To work for myself, offering Top Quality Products that ANYONE would love to use: All Organic;  without the mass of nasty chemicals that both foods and beauty products are packed with these days, is really exiting.

And, this business is built upon ethics that I have long sung for: Respect and Recognition for work well done. Profit based upon Helping Others to Succeed, rather than by fierce and often brutal competition. A company which is financially secure, debt free and that does not rely on slave labour to produce its products.

As a coach, I spend a lot of time talking to people about their dreams, about what is, and isn’t, possible. and in this business I can offer solutions to those questions as well as words of encouragement. Now, I can offer clients, who request it, the opportunity to really make a difference to their own lives, and the lives of others.

Those who hate their jobs. Mums wanting to work from home and still be around for the kids. Clients desperate to get into the Health Industry but don’t know where to start. And those clients who really want to ‘try something new’ and get out of their comfort zone, and yes, make some money along the way.

I am really thrilled to have met this wonderful lady and her colleagues and look forward to beginning my journey as a Coach AND Independent Business Owner.

Now, where did I leave my purse…..


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