The deepest Pain can often reveal your Life’s Purpose

ImageI don’t know about you, but I have been working long and hard to determine exactly what my Business is all about.

I mean, I know what I do, and why I do it, but….and this is central to my theme, I was a little unsure as to WHY I was doing it.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing?

You may just come up with some fascinating answers.

I have long been looking at my prime motivators; what really juices me up and makes me WANT to work my hardest. And I know that it is Helping Others.

Ugh! Seriously? Is that it?

Sorry, but yes, it is. However…I also know that because of my own health and emotional sensitivities i am not best placed to offer face to face counselling, all day, every day. I really need to protect MY energies for myself and my family.

So how to make a difference? How to offer support, illumination, caring and healing, without needing to burn myself out with loads of appointments, travel and organisation?

For me (and I realize this may be quite different for you) the answer lies in my writing. In my creating information products that will Genuinely help and inform those who truly need it.

I have also realized that sometimes, working with damaged adults can be a long and traumatic exercise, and that some energy may be better spent on supporting and educating the YOUNG so that they do not need us in adulthood, rather than thinking that we cant communicate with youth, then working hard to ‘fix’ emotionally broken adults.

Now, this is just my theory. Of course, I am available to adults who require support and are willing to do their work, but I feel my writing projects would better serve young adults and teenagers, looking for their place in the world, those who feel lost and unsupported, or who realize that their role-models are not fulfilling their needs.

So I am looking to create a range of content to offer inspiration and guidance to young people, that might help the development of their communications, allowing them to understand and be understood whilst developing their emotional wellness, hopefully creating whole and balanced individuals with good mental health.

I see so many adults whose mental health issues stem from having their voices silenced, their needs unmet and their wants dismissed.

I want to see an end to that form of unintentional abuse, by giving kids and young adults the language to communicate, get their needs met and create a life they are responsible for.

I see only too well how much a lack of love and guidance, a lack of respect and listening can do damage to a child. I see it in those not too far from me….raised on anger and rage; taught to be proud of their inability to talk or read or understand; taught to be reactive and vengeful, to strike out before they are struck at…so sad.

These poor emotionally bankrupt young men and women, jobless, skill-less, under-parented, facing a life of crime, alcohol and drug abuse, self harming, violence and premature pregnancy. All because their mothers banned their fathers from being involved in their lives; cut off contact with extended family, realised that a ‘special needs’ child is a good earner and dads were a great manipulation tool to play with when they got bored. Meanwhile the kids grow up, undernourished in every way, unloved, un-cared for, with a huge chip on their shoulders, raging against the world and permanently spoiling for a fight.

Welcome to AsboLand! Where Tags are worn as a mark of honour, the police are ‘Pigs’ and the justice system seen as a ‘Joke’.

I want to do my part to end this cycle. To offer learning aids to kids and young adults to help them discover their true voice, to determine their own values – as distinct from those of their parent/caregiver and find their True Power.

So to this end I write and I plan and I weep – yes, weep, for those I want most to reach. For the young, the dissafected and the lost, and for all the pain they live with. For truly, our world deserves better, and i want to play my part.

If you have a view on todays post, please use the comments box below and let me know what YOU have to say. I’m listening and interested.


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