And still the lessons keep on coming

   I have been sideswiped recently, by a revelation. A close-up of my own life, warts and all, and to be frank, I feel as though I have been swiped around the face with a wet kipper! In talks with a relatively ‘new’ friend (ie she doesn’t know EVERY LITTLE THING about my life), we […]

Her Voice Is Silence

Yesterday I met a wonderful woman whom I shall call Samantha. I know very little about Samantha other than she requires a support worker to enable her to live her life. Psychologically, she is damaged. Life has been harsh. As someone with a passionate interest in mental health/welfare I looked forward to meeting with her […]

Horsing Around: A lazy Girls guide to Communication Clarity.

The more i get into this Blogging business, the more I realise that folks spend a long time ‘Crafting’ their posts to suit their audience or to achieve some preset goal. Let me tell you right now…I ain’t one of them! Never say ‘Never’, of course, but as it stands today, I write, I check, […]