The Lazy Girls Guide to Happiness

Yeah, I said it. I used a four letter word. LAZY!

It is a loaded word, one many of us grew up with and one which to this day, gives us pain and discomfort. I know that it is certainly one of ‘my’ trigger words and one that i struggle with on a daily basis.

Which is how I  came to this realisation. As I am building my business, creating my website, writing content and figuring out who I am talking to, it struck me that I have inherent difficulties with concentration and commitment. 

I have been following other succesful biz-builders, like a lot of you, reading their blogs, signing up for their email updates, receiving all their offerings into my inbox, constantly looking for ‘The Answer’ and never quite finding it. (or if I DO, I am not in the financial position to take them up on their offer).

I talked this over with my long-suffering partner who is just So patient and So encouraging of me, even when I am in despair. And I also found  myself talking with other ‘professionals’ in other industries (I am a Governor of a Secondary School) and I found myself revealing my belly, as it were, to someone who saw me as only effective, strong, confident and able.

It was in admitting my shortcomings; my disorganisation, my apathy, my preference to ‘loafing’ rather than ‘working’ and my fears of expectations and dread of deadlines, that revealed to me a HUGE Aha! moment.

My Truth is what I must teach and share. My wisdom, my experience and my honest heartfelt offerings. and my Truth is simply this:


There, I’ve said it. Said the forbidden word. but its true. The reason i am not highly successful Today, is that I have prioritized avoidance over action. I have given procrastination a long term home and allowed fear of failure (or success) to be bigger than my willingness to try.

So how can I even DARE to offer coaching to others, you may well be asking? (Thank you for being so interested)

I AM a coach. I am a supportive, encouraging, heart-centred woman who is committed to spreading love and light in the world. Put a client in front of me and I am there 100%. I will go the extra mile, the extra ten miles, whatever it takes, to give my client all I can.

Where I struggle, like a lot of people, is generating work from my own self. Creating content, prioritising writing and creating over ‘waiting till later and having another cup of tea’.

So here is my BREAKTHROUGH concept. 

The Lazy Girls Guide to Happiness.

Offered by The Communication Coach, I shall share with you the real world of ‘Self improvement’. How real people, who are not quite driven, not quite focused and not quite ‘perfect’ in any way (yes most of us) can create the life they love and be successful in whatever they choose to do.

This Aha moment was inspired by my good friend and colleague Angela Butler; a Harley Street Hypnotherapist and creator of the soon to be launched ‘Goddesque’ brand. (more on this in due course)

She has recently launched her 7 minute Success Coach service, and we got to talking. I realised that, although at first glance this seems to be a highly controversial claim, after all, what can you achieve in 7 minutes, when most of us have been ‘working’ on ourselves for years? But that is the genius of the idea. You Can! If you choose to!

And Angie is highly trained and an expert in Rapid Success Coaching, having trained with some of the best in the business.

SO my revelation was, that CHANGE happens when we chose to. Simple. We can make a decision, and from that moment on, we are changed. All we need to do then is follow a ‘practice’ to integrate our new choice into our habits and we are never the same again.

So my focus as The Communication Coach is to be HONEST. Have Integrity. And SAY IT AS IT IS!

That means accepting our limitations, accepting our foibles and accepting who we really are. It means choosing differently; finding ways to incorporate new habits into our lives; celebrating every little success and feeling GOOD about ourselves.

I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you and I am best placed to offer it. Because I am Real! I know what it is like to feel crap! To feel useless and like you will never amount to anything. But then I also accept that I am talented, skilled, blessed and a wonderful person. Guess what? (Secret info Alert):

The one does not cancel out the other! 

I am looking forward to crafting my next blog post, and getting down and dirty about how to be Your Best Self, even if you are a bit Crap!

I hope you will join me, and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


See you soon






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