The Real Blessing of a Sunny Day!

I started writing this post a few days ago…lost it…and just found it again…so I figure something wants to be heard! My Bliss wants its voice to soar and my Joy is yelling out to be recognised.

Ever feel that way? As though the humdrum of life, the ever present normality of the every day is so pressing and so pervasive, that you actually forget how great your life is?

This sudden change in the weather, here in the UK, has got me smiling and grinning, in spite of life. A bit of an upheaval yesterday still blessed me with a wonderful car journey from Gloucestershire, where I am fortunate enough to live; through Worcestershire and Asparagus Country (In Season NOW!!! so treat y’self), and into Warwickshire, where I was born.

That is, I was born in Coventry in 1968, back when the City was in the County, before someone, somewhere, decided we needed more councils so created West Midlands to house us. Thus cutting us off from our rural heritage and consigning us forever into the dark recesses of Industrial England. And there’s not much of That left anymore.

At this point I must note that, at the same time as Coventry morphed into the West Midlands, the Georgian City of Bath also got a little lost on the map. For the glorious county of Avon, from which it hales was unceremoniously disbanded and the rather unattractive moniker of Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) was born.

To this day, I know of no-one who has Ever written that ridiculous abbreviation on a letter, and in TV quiz shows, geography questions still cite the county of Avon, in spite of its disappearance.

But I digress.

I toured the counties yesterday, visiting my Dad in the hospital, (rebuilt and renamed) where I was born. I marveled at the new road layouts and new landmarks; feeling like a stranger in a strange land,  yet weirdly familiar all at once. 

It is still an odd sensation to drive past roads I used to play on, or houses I used to frequent, and process the myriad of memories that are stirred up within me.

It is a truly beautiful feeling and so intimately private, that even with my partner of 17 years beside me in the driving seat, I felt lost in my reverie and a warm soothing of happy memories stirred my blood.

Which brings me back to the voice of joy. We should try to remember, always, that no matter where we find ourselves, and in what situation, given a little time, some deep breathing and just a dash of sunshine, any day can become a celebration, even if it happens so deep within that only you are aware of it.

Sometimes, that can be the best feeling of all.


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