You Can’t Write AND Listen…

Even if it IS The Kevin Trudeau!

Like a lot of things in life, writing to express yourself AND listening to inspiring mentors cannot be enjoyed simultaneously. We just HAVE TO prioritise.

So how do we choose what is of the most value to us in any given moment. And what are we using to make that choice? The Mind? The heart? The EGO?

I have just had a silly squabble with my twelve year old daughter. Ridiculous, but none the less painful. As a result I have missed out on a visit to friends, choosing instead to stay home and write, rather than risk perpetuating any bad feeling and ruining anyone else’s day.

Some may call it sulking (and it IS, a bit) but I call it Prioritising. I may miss a nice afternoon in the sunshine in the countryside, but I ensure my daughter and her friends have no negative vibes hanging around, my man gets to hunker down and enjoy ‘boytime’ with his friend, the father, and I get to write for you guys, and explore the deeper meaning of what just happened.

Is it OK to be offended and hurt by our kids, and declare it? Is is OK to need to retaliate when we feel slighted. Or am I simply being childish, acting like a brat, and, as my partner suggested (Brave Man) ‘setting a bad example to my kids’.

(Incidentally the 15 yr old chose to stay Well Out Of It, and didn’t comment on my sudden appearance in the house after the others had left. Clever Boy)

I realise that what bothered me was ‘not getting my own way immediately’ and this is not acceptable behaviour. But it was a ‘straw that broke the camels back’ scenario….after many occasions when my daughter chooses to be ‘cheeky’, thinking it all very funny, but still refusing to comply, my Intolerance gets Irked! My Bad!

I must say, at this point, that on the whole, my kids are angels. Well Behaved, willing and understanding. Its just that, as a girl, my DD triggers me, and gets me all wound up….whilst I feel the need to defend my son at all costs.

My man, on the other hand, sees  irritation and frustration in my son, and defends his Darling Daughter to the death. You can kinda see the dynamic here, hey?

But we all talk a lot, and muddle along. Forgiving and forgetting (I have already had a text chat with my Daughter and we have cleared the air) and my boy will no doubt give me a stern talking to at some point, and inevitably, talk a load of sense. And in those moments of wonder, when words of wisdom fall from his lips, and I am in awe of his maturity and insight, I remember that I am his mother. I taught him all he knows, (OK his dad helped) and WE created this wonderful human being. Just as we created the Stroppy Lump of Succulence that is our daughter.

Because, in the end, as parents, we must all accept, that our kids are only a product of our input, and everything we see, whether we like it or not, originated with us. Our Words. Our actions. Our decisions.

Damn, I hate it when They’re Right!


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