We Are Halfway Thru 2013

And how are we feeling?

My first thoughts were ‘OMG! Where has half the year gone? I have achieved NOTHING! What a waste of time! etc etc’

Then I rapidly had a re-think (cos THAT kinda thinking isn’t going to get me anywhere fast) and realised exactly what I HAVE achieved so far this year.

And here is my list:

I have overcome my lifelong depression and am now feeling ‘level’, ‘normal’ (hate that word) and ‘more balanced’, than I have in years. Woo Hoo!

I have committed to learning more about 7 Words and continued to attend all the workshops and developed my confidence as a result. Yay!

I have accepted help and begun the process of launching a website, blog (Hi!) and the other media outlets.

I have overcome my addiction to ‘giving it all away’ and am now finding it much easier to say ‘No’. (Big, Huge, MASSIVE!)

I am more confident with my body – in spite of gaining weight (Go Figure?)

I am choosing to spend Quality Time with good friends, and enjoying the love of my ‘Tribe’.

I am relishing in my kids and loving their spirit and independence. As young Teenagers, I hear they could cause me some trouble…but as yet, I am nothing but delighted.

So, in short, it is halfway through the year and my soft goals are achieved, OK, I might not have made a million yet, but I AM writing. I may not have a big business yet, but I am promoting what I believe in. And I might not be able to do exactly what I want, when I want, but hey, Who Can?

How do YOU feel about the Half Year Mark? Does it mean anything at all? And are you planning to set your ‘Second Half Goals’ today? If so, please let me know.

If you enjoy my blog, PLEASE share it with your friends, and feel free to pop by and say Hi. Its a lonely world here in Writing Land, and we wordy types need all the encouragement we can get.


Me xx





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