When Being ‘Negative’ is a Positive.

Cheery Picture? Not really. But why share it today…? This mornings conversations with my partner went something along these lines; Me:      So what have you got on today? He:     ATOS  forms! (cue sad face and twinges of anxiety) Me:     How long has that taken you now? Surely you’re nearly done? […]

The Real Blessing of a Sunny Day!

I started writing this post a few days ago…lost it…and just found it again…so I figure something wants to be heard! My Bliss wants its voice to soar and my Joy is yelling out to be recognised. Ever feel that way? As though the humdrum of life, the ever present normality of the every day […]

You Can’t Write AND Listen…

Even if it IS The Kevin Trudeau! Like a lot of things in life, writing to express yourself AND listening to inspiring mentors cannot be enjoyed simultaneously. We just HAVE TO prioritise. So how do we choose what is of the most value to us in any given moment. And what are we using to […]

We Are Halfway Thru 2013

And how are we feeling? My first thoughts were ‘OMG! Where has half the year gone? I have achieved NOTHING! What a waste of time! etc etc’ Then I rapidly had a re-think (cos THAT kinda thinking isn’t going to get me anywhere fast) and realised exactly what I HAVE achieved so far this year. […]