Pure Magic

I have long believed in magic, nothing could dissuade me from my staunch belief. After all, what else could be responsible for the myriad of beauty which surrounds me, the effortless burst of Spring every year after the long, dark days of Winter.

As a child, Winter seemed interminably long, and the darkness appeared to last forever. Therefore, the welcome relief of Spring sunshine was pure magic to my sensitive heart. The colourful blossoms were like fairies, springing to life and dancing across the meadows.

Even today, in my middle years, I still see the fresh Spring Blossom as signs of magical life, bursting forth from hopeful green buds on swaying branches, ready to take on the lottery of the Spring Winds, hoping that they will last long enough to bear fruit.

I feel the renewed energy of Pan, the Greek God of Nature and Life-force, rushing through my own veins and celebrate readily with my own ‘re-birthing’. A haircut, new clothes maybe, and enjoying cups of tea in the garden, amid the songs of the birds.

But the most powerful magic I am aware of in my life, is the magic of pure thought. That I can simply imagine my world and in imagining make it manifest.

OF course it isn’t quite so simple, but it IS that easy. There are certain ‘States’ that one needs to inhabit in order to make our dreams manifest, but once we have mastered our various ‘States’, then magic is ours for the taking.

All the opportunities we desire will present themselves to us. All the love in the world will flow freely in our direction, and of course, financial abundance will surely follow. And all it takes is a little faith and trust. (and a little bit of pixie dust).

And this is where I come in.

I am the Good Fairy, with a bag of Magic Pixie Dust, ready to sprinkle over your dreams, to enable them all to come true.

As The Communication Coach I can support your communications with the Cosmos, with the world, with others and with yourself.

Communicate with  myself? You may ask.

This, my dear-heart is the Most Amazing of all communications. The love you hold for yourself. The expectations you place on yourself, and the belief in your own Super Powers are the foundation of all your achievements throughout your life.

So how are you relating to You these days? Are you being kind? Are your Personal Expectations High? OR are you still nagging at yourself, beating yourself up over that stupid mistake you made when you were 16? Do you still think you can’t? Still think you’re not good enough? Still wish your thighs were thinner, your dad was richer or your partner was better in bed?

All the dissatisfactions in your life, though seemingly relating to the failings of the world, are Always, I repeat…Always About You! The only stuff you really care about is stuff that matters To You. And the only control you have over anyone is over Yourself.

So criticising your mate for being lazy, is a sure sign that you are doubting your own work ethic. Hating your Best Friend for being disloyal, is almost certainly triggered by inner feelings of betrayal and dishonesty. And lets face it, we are all flawed beings, with none of us perfect, and some of us downright nasty.

So it seems that the magic we are seeking lies hidden deep within a well of Self Acceptance and Commitment to Best Practice. By establishing our core values and living by them, as best we can; accepting when we fall short of our Own expectations; forgiving ourselves, as we forgive others, and allowing room for improvement and continued learning are the keys to eternal happiness and the True Magic we seek.

I will talk more about this in future posts, but, as usual if you have any questions or thoughts on what I have said, please get in touch and lets talk!



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