Four Seasons in one day

Well it most certainly feels like it at the moment. Sun so bright my 12 yr old has sun burn from a bank holiday jaunt to the local Lido; Wind and rain lashing at the windows and terrifying the dogs, clear starry nights that make you want to go out side and howl at the moon, and chilly east winds that threaten to bring rainstorms so severe , we fear for our lives. (I live in Gloucestershire!)

This British preoccupation with the weather is mirroring my writing mode at present. Flurries of targeted activity, followed by long periods of abstinence (or ‘Thinking Time’ as I like to put it), swiftly chased by the mad panic of illegible scrawling on random scraps of paper which, I am sure, are Gold, if only I could transcribe the mysterious script.

My emotions too, are racing around like a British Temperate Day; up one minute, dark the next, raring to go quickly followed by total exhaustion. It takes some time for me to remember to be gentle, to take my time and not to immediately descend into mental self-abuse. A childhood of carrying the label ‘Lazy’ has left me with a warped view of worthiness, one which is rather hard to shake.

Do old labels still kick you in the belly from time to time?

As an Empath I ‘feel’ a little more than those around me. I nearly said ‘too much’, but again that sounds so judgmental and almost as if it is Wrong. My emotional senses are highly tuned and over my lifetime have led me into all sorts of scrapes. It weird really, because even though I discovered the term ‘Empath’ way back in 1998, after seeing Chuck Spezzano on TV; his wife and assistant was An Empath (in capital letters) and I felt an affinity with her gift, but as usual didn’t explore it any further.

Years of being clairvoyant, of ‘reading’ people, of being the ‘Rock’ that everyone turned to, and of being drawn to the healing arts and the helping occupations; only now have I truly embraced the term Empath, and realised that this, more than anything else, is what I am all about.

So, after a little ramble I shall leave you there, and go an write more about Empaths and how they live, and sometimes struggle in this loud and busy world of ours.

Until then



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