From Mermaid to Goddess to SuperPower

From Mermaid to Goddess to SuperPower One of my inspirations, and someone I plan to work more closely with in the coming months. I cannot recommend highly enough, this wonderful lady and her work. If you are seeking to feel loved beyond measure and inspired to get YOUR groove on, and see a Master at […]

“I’ve been talking to myself…

Just to suggest that I’m selfish.” (Electronic) But the way we talk to ourselves is fundamental in how we feel, isn’t it? As a lifelong self-abuser, I know only too well how Negative Self Talk can impact on ones self esteem, doing the ┬ájob of the bullies, the bosses, the parents and teachers, long after […]

Pure Magic

I have long believed in magic, nothing could dissuade me from my staunch belief. After all, what else could be responsible for the myriad of beauty which surrounds me, the effortless burst of Spring every year after the long, dark days of Winter. As a child, Winter seemed interminably long, and the darkness appeared to […]