In the wake of the Boston Bombings

I don’t want to but I have to say something about manipulation.

About State Control.

About Media Propaganda.

And I am sorry if anyone is offended. Of course what happened in Boston was horrible. And deserved coverage, to let people know what had happened. but the level of coverage was ongoing, incessant, unnecessary .

Meanwhile the US were bombing Afghanistan, which apparently is NOT a terrorist act. Only aggressors against the west can be called Terrorists, have you noticed?

If you are white, middle class and from the USA or UK, you are a ‘citizen’, or a ‘defender’ or worse ‘A Member of the Armed Forces’. Why worse? Because as a member of military personnel you are trained to kill. that is your job. however most of the targets taken are themselves civilian. Which to me is an act of Terrorism. 

My feelings toward the military are entirely personal and I am as supportive of individual soldiers as anyone, i just cannot support Government Led Military Aggression in any form.

But I digress…. 

Today in the UK the funeral of a once-prime minister took place. Fancy that! A woman who once had the Top Job, has died of natural causes, at the end of her natural life. 

A woman who did stuff! Who made decisions. Who created change. Who took the hits and bore the brunt of a sea-change within this nation. Loved by some, hated by many. But in the end, a mother and grandmother who had a stroke and left her body. 

Why then, oh why the need for national outpourings, for a state funeral, for massive television coverage and constant news discussion. Talks of riots, talks of security, all a complete smoke and mirrors game…

.’A good day to bury bad news’ I think someone once said, as the Twin Towers came down, well hell, today is as good as any.

So what do we still not know? What new tax has been created? Which white paper has been slipped through parliament whilst no one is looking? how many more schools and hospitals are being scheduled for closure whilst the politicians give themselves pay rises and fill out their expense forms.

I am sad. I am angry. I am trying not to get overwhelmed. So sorry if this post is all doom and gloom. Sometimes there just has to be a bit of a rant, to get it our of the system.

Tomorrow, I promise, my planned post will appear, the one celebrating my life and the great people I have welcomed into it since making a commitment to my future, and i will get some pics uploaded too…you guys deserve some nice illustrations to gloss-up this blog.

Thanks for bearing with me during the teething period and Please feel free to share and comment on what you read. 

Time for a cup of tea now, I think. Love and light, 




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