Sacred Secrets

Day 23 of the blogalong challenge from Effy Wild is a call to share about something I consider sacred. Let’s list: ♤Music ♡Sleep ◇Dance ♧Trees ♤My Intuition ♡Birds ◇The Truth♧ So why are these things above all others considered sacred to my soul? Music transports me, bringing forgotten feelings rushing to the surface to be … More Sacred Secrets

Thieves and more

I’m getting excited by the possibilities as I create my very own Hidden Pathways Oil Blends to accompany my forthcoming Oracle Cards. My system is based on The 7 Words communication method and brings great insight to the questioner once your questions are clear. I’ve realised the key to a great intuitive reading lies in … More Thieves and more

I want.

Day 17 of the blogging challenge with Effy Wild Not the given prompt but a from-the-heart-declaration: I want to go on a mushroom hunt I want to kick up the autumn leaves I want a deeply passionate relationship with myself I want a solo adventure somewhere new. I want to regain my fitness and release … More I want.

Friday. Finally.

So I took a couple of days away from Da Blogosphere and Feel bloody awful. It really helps get my day started well to dig in and write here, but time and life kinda got in the way. What was I doing instead? Reading, mostly. But not good books or focused study, oh no, I’ve … More Friday. Finally.