Inspiring words to live by

Throughout history brilliant minds have left us with words of wisdom with which to enrich our lives. Here are a few of my favourites, I would love to hear your favourites phrases or sayings, old wives tales or go-to words of wisdom that your family cherish. Please share in the comments below. Advertisements

Who am I really?

It turns out that I am not, in fact, the person I always thought I was, and quite likely not the one you thought I was either, for that matter. Externally I am a strong and powerful woman, a leader, a speaker, one who always has  a way with words. However inside, in my secret world, … More Who am I really?

The Shape of You

We live in a square world. Where everything comes in its own box, in instantly definable by its regularity, it’s normalness. But what of you? At school did you struggle to fit into the tiny square regular space you were allocated? Did you push against the sides with determined feet, teeth gritted in fierce insistence … More The Shape of You

How being placed in Facebook Jail finally woke me up!

It was a shock, I have to admit – to find my posting privileges revokes yet again, after two recent spells in Facebook clink. The first two infringements, for 3 and 6 days respectively, stemmed from some rather over-zealous activity rather than anything remotely sinister, I might add. This time however I have no clue as … More How being placed in Facebook Jail finally woke me up!